Use the Quantum Field to Create Consistency in Your Life

What would earning a consistent income of $2,000 a week mean for you? Or $15,000 a month? What would being consistent in your exercise or eating habits mean for your health? What would being a consistent presence in your loved one's life, mean for you and your relationship?


Consistency is very powerful as it helps you to build and sustain momentum in all areas of your life. 


With this 10 minute meditation, you can access the quantum field and 'order' what you would like consistently in your life. Once imagined and 'ordered' you then can sit back and watch it unfold for you.


Listen once; listen often connecting to the same new possibility; or listen to connect to a different possibility. It's up to you!


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"The possibilities are endless. Create them consciously, instead of leaving them to chance."

Jessica Gwynne